Sunday, February 24, 2008

Educational institutions in Kosovo-Metohija to work normally

Belgrade, Feb 23, 2008 – Serbian Minister of Education Zoran Loncar said today that all Serbian institutions, including educational institutions, will work regularly in Kosovo-Metohija in order to protect the interests of Serbs in the province.

Addressing the press at an international symposium on religious education being held in the Central Army House of Serbia in Belgrade, Loncar reiterated that Kosovo-Metohija is an integral and inalienable part of Serbian territory and all educational institutions in the province will work normally for Serbs.

He said that during the next few days he will visit several areas in Kosovo-Metohija and meet with teachers, professors and students in order to find ways to ensure that educational activities in the province proceed unhindered, according to the government’s plan for education.

Speaking on continuing the struggle by the state to defend the southern province, the Minister said that Serbia will take all legal measures to return Kosovo-Metohija under its sovereign control.

According to Loncar, the government not only adopted the Decision on the annulment of the illegitimate acts of the provisional institutions of self-government in Kosovo and Metohija on their declaration of unilateral independence, but also the national programme of the Republic of Serbia to be implemented after February 17.

Commenting on the mass national protest against the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo-Metohija held in Belgrade, Loncar said that peaceful and dignified protests by citizens support the government in its struggle to return Kosovo-Metohija within the legal and constitutional control of Serbia.

Probably these various forms of protest by citizens against the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo-Metohija will continue during the upcoming period. It is most important that they are dignified and peaceful, said the Minister.

Commenting on the fact that Serbian students were refused entry into the territory of Kosovo-Metohija to join in the protest in Kosovska Mitrovica, he said that this shows the current situation regarding the UNMIK and the Resolution 1244.

According to Loncar, there will be opportunities for all students and Serbian citizens who wish to show their support for the Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija to do so at mass protests to be held throughout the country, and by visiting the part of the territory which we call the southern Serbian province.

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