Sunday, February 24, 2008

US should call urgent Security Council session to confirm Resolution 1244

Belgrade, Feb 23, 2008 – Advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister Branislav Ristivojevic said today that the only solution is that the US calls for an urgent Security Council session, and that the decision is made to annul all illegal acts in order to reestablish the principles of international law in the Balkans.

In a statement to the news agency Beta, Ristivojevic said that the only solution which can bring peace and stability in the region at this moment is that the US, whose policies caused crisis in the Balkans, calls for an urgent session of the Security Council to reaffirm the full validation of the Resolution 1244 which guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia.

He accused the US of supporting gross violation of the UN Charter and the Resolution 1244, and added that by continuing to use force the US is jeopardising peace and stability in the region and the entire international order.

If the US maintains its present stance that the fictitious state of Kosovo exists and that the UN Charter and international law are not applicable to the Balkans, then all responsibility for further events rests upon the US, stressed Ristivojevic.

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